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Rio de Janeiro.

The project translates the purpose of the brand, which is to re-signify materials and reuse them. 


UNDO for Tomorrow

The project translates the brand's purpose, which is to re-signify materials and reuse them in products that have sustainability in their DNA. 

We create solutions by recycling the pre-existing structure and assuming raw textures and finishes as part of the Architectural Concept. Combining excerpts with sober lines and a minimalist language was essential to result in a contemporary context e innovador. 75% of the materials were reused from the pre-existing structure and from the brand's partners' collection. 

The space hosted the store and music events. The success reverberated in the fashion market as a reference for innovative experience. The store operated as a pop-up store for a period of a few months with the aim of launching the brand in the fashion market. Today, Undo For Tomorrow focuses its operation on e-commerce.




Tati Gonçalves

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