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Dani Amaral

Head of Marketing and Visual Merchandising

I had the opportunity to work with Tati and her company Cerejeira Arquitetura in the first development of industrial furniture for Redley sneakers, and since then there have been many projects and partnerships involving the group's brands: In addition to Redley, Cantão and also to Bisi. Their professionalism, their creativity designed for functional design and, above all, their generosity in the almost daily exchanges, led us to projects that made our partners, customers of the brands and, above all, ourselves proud. Cerejeira is part of my history, the history of the brands, and, I am sure, the history of many of those who read us here! Thank you, Tati! For everything and for so much!

Anne 2.jpg

Anne Sapin

Head of the project Me Leva da FARM

I usually do some fairs, Me Leva does some shoe fairs and on those occasions we work with a project by Cerejeira Arquitetura. And it's really nice to work with Tati, you know, I usually say that it's really nice to work with people who are good at their jobs. Nice people, pleasant people, in addition, obviously, to all competence. So, I feel very calm when I do these projects with Tati because she is very serious, very responsible with deadlines, so it's something that makes me very carefree, you know, that we won't miss any deadlines. And she's very calm about directions, because sometimes it's not very clear what we really want. So this sensitivity of understanding speech, which is sometimes a subjective speech, is something that I perceive very strongly in Tati. So our partnership is a partnership that I consider successful!


Peu Mello
Creative Director UNDO For Tomorrow

Co-creating this project with Cerejeira was a very happy process. Adjusting expectations was very fast, beyond what is normal. We went after the Undo concept, that is, removing everything from the store and trying to bring out the most beautiful part of deconstruction. An independent and low budget project, hands on, but with a refreshing and minimalist impact for the public. 


Leo Ferreira

Former brand director Cantão and Redley, partner at Undo For Tomorrow and current head of brand at Foxton

Tati, I am grateful for your creativity and innovative solutions, for your good taste, concepts, ideas, attention to detail and ability to interpret our wishes. As a result, the projects were aligned with our values and the brands' branding. You created unique environments, capable of surprising our most demanding customers!


Ana Carolina Oliveira

Member of Miallegra

I met Tati in 2010, the year in which, together, we conceptualized the architecture and visual identity of my first store. Look how amazing, name Miallegra, she also brought it to me! At the time, she had just left a large office and was also opening Cerejeira. We started practically together, each with their own business. We made 5 Miallegras together, and over that time I gained an architect and a friend. Tati is passionate about what she does... she has great ideas, solutions, she always falls headlong into her projects. I am very happy that she came into my life, both professionally and personally. It worked out.

In the photo Ana with her daughter Mia.


Felipe Sundin

Director General of AZ College

Cerejeira's work was decisive in positioning us as a school that was both sophisticated and welcoming - even with the challenge of the limited physical space in AZ. What's more, while all the competing schools were betting on digital whiteboards and other electronic gadgets (which get obsolete super quickly, especially now with the BYOD culture), AZ bet in another direction and invested in the sophistication of the facilities, which has a time longer depreciation period and has a super positive impact on student well-being.


Patricia Mendonca Werneck

Director of the Apprentice Nursery School

Aprendiz is a kindergarten school in Botafogo. When we already had 10 years of experience, we decided that we needed a major overhaul.

A school requires a lot of maintenance due to the daily routine of several children in activities that use glue, paint, crayons... We started talking to Tati, from Cerejeira Arquitetura. The idea was to bring a new look to our school. The project thought of many details, from where to hang all the children's backpacks, to store objects, books, stationery, to where the babies sleep and eat. The result was delightful! Our spaces have become welcoming, organized and designed to facilitate the cleaning and comfort of our routine. 

Tati accompanied us throughout the transformation, always available to resolve any doubts that arose. It wasn't just a demolish/build project and new coatings. Our school gained a stimulating and comfortable way for our students to develop!

We were very happy with the end result!!!!

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