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Hi, welcome and thanks for being here.


My name is Tati Gonçalves and I am the co-founder and head of Cerejeira Arquitetura. 

I'm a native of Minas Gerais and a carioca at heart.


I started my graduation at PUC in Poços de Caldas, MG. In 2003 I moved to Rio and completed the course at Universidade Santa Úrsula in January 2007. 


In 2009, alongside designer Alejandra Kahn, I founded Cerejeira Arquitetura.


I specialize in retail and customer experience. It's been almost 15 years working in the area. Over that time, I built a consistent portfolio and results, in addition to many interesting stories.


I seek, through my work, to add value to people's lives. I want to develop my purpose of bringing beauty and lightness to spaces and, through them, reaching people.


The store is a micro universe. Thousands of people pass by, immersing and actively interacting with the environment. I want to create a special place to receive them and awaken the best feeling possible. I want it to be an experience they can take with them. One of the things I love most about my job is that I can do it in different ways and at different times. 

The creation process begins with an immersion in the essence of the brand and a study of the consumer's shopping journey. It is very gratifying to transform each concept into architecture. It's a way to materialize dreams. Of deciphering, amid millions of possibilities and variables, a unique combination for space.   It has to do with sharing the vision, the objectives and being a channel of convergence and translation.

It is a very intense and pleasurable exercise that, for me, only makes sense if it is done with authenticity, truth and partnership.


So, let's build the ideal space for you or your brand?

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