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Morar mais por Menos

Rio de Janeiro.

As the volume of the restaurant has straight and simple lines, we chose black to demarcate it. 



This project marks the birth of Cerejeira; it was our first Architecture Show and we had the co-founder and designer Alejandra Kahn, who was essential for this project. Before the project and the work, there was only the external space and there was no building. Everything was built to accommodate Gianluca Café, which operated the space during the event. The Exhibition took place at the headquarters of Obra Social Pequena Cruzada, in Lagoa in 2009.

As the volumetry of the restaurant has straight and simple lines, we chose black to demarcate it. The carpentry shop receives reforested eucalyptus strips on the cladding and counter panels. We opted for glass enclosures and perforated metal sheets that frame the main planter on the restaurant’s façade. This planter holds three pitangueira trees and, next to it, there is one of the pieces by designer Ricardo Graham, the Restô bench.

We received the support of partners who were very important for the realization of the project and work. We would like to thank Logaf for the joinery, Don Artesano for the SolidSurface surfaces, Led Point for the led lamps, Nossa Casa Iluminação for the light fixtures, Light Floor for the floor covering, Palmetal for the tables and chairs, Docol for the metals and La FargeGypsum for acoustic plasterboards. Our special thanks to the architect Fabiano Vitória, who led the execution of the work and helped us with the labor, and to Bazar São Vicente, who provided us with the construction materials. 




Tati Gonçalves and Alejandra Kahn

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