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Shopping Rio Sul, Rio de Janeiro

Loja do Rio Sul is the oldest and most iconic of the brand.



The point of the Rio Sul store is the oldest and most iconic of the brand. To the existing space for over 30 years, 30 m² were added, totaling 97 m² of project area. With a very low floor/slab ceiling height, it was necessary to reconcile the storage area and the machine room at the ground level of the store.

The change was big, and the space gained the application of the Concept Project with some upgrades. The exhibition area could be worked on by section. Men's and women's are sectored, and the tennis area, so important, makes the connection between the two lines, being highlighted at the entrance to the store.

As a characteristic of the project, we have the strong presence of pine wood on the facade and furniture, combined with the modern aesthetic of cement and walls with organic texture. 

The layout is easy to read and starts the experience with a warm welcome. One of the highlights is the mixed wood panel, which was a novelty in this project. It combines pine wood rulers with different widths, meanings and colors, creating a background that welcomes men's products. The language of the cabin area was also an innovation and made the tasting experience much more pleasant.




Tati Gonçalves

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