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Norte Shopping- Rio de Janeiro

The ample space that adds up to 106.5 m² of store area and another 44 m² of mezzanine.



The large space, which adds up to 106.5 m² of store area and another 44 m² of mezzanine, receives the Brand Concept Project in a qualified manner and allows the exhibition of an extensive mix of products. 

Men's and women's are carefully positioned, as are the footwear areas. Kenner and Originals each get their own trial seat, which makes the purchase more comfortable. 

By organizing circulations and sections precisely, we manage to guide and optimize the flow and make the experience and communication more objective and pleasant. Space legibility is very important in store environments that offer men's and women's products. These areas are connected and are clearly presented to the consumer.

Throughout the entire length of the store, we have product display islands that work as small showcases that qualify and propose a product mix.




Tati Gonçalves

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