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Me Leva

Couro Moda, Sao Paulo.

Designed to awaken the enchantment and curiosity of visitors to the fair.


Me Leva Farm

The creation of the 135m² project for the Me Leva Farm stand was structured around strategies to conceive an architectural element that could stand out among the huge warehouse full of stands from other brands. And yet, arouse the enchantment and curiosity of visitors who passed by.

On the facade, we explored visual permeability and played with nuances of color and light in the curved panels, along with landscaping that was in line with the brand's proposal. 

The facade panels were composed of vertical rulers configured in such a way that they generated a visual effect that allowed the visitor a partial view of the internal elements and awakened the desire to know the space and the products in full.

We were inspired by the brand's identity and created a scenario that valued each piece on display. A minimalist atmosphere that invited experience and treated each product with precision. Colored and printed products gained a background that favored the reading and perception of the details of each piece.




Tati Gonçalves

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