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Rio Sul - Rio de Janeiro

An atmosphere of enchantment and warmth.



Our second Concept Project for Canton conceives an atmosphere of enchantment and warmth; represents a space that embraces and invites you to experience each element on display, and not necessarily just the products for sale.  

To translate the history of a brand spanning more than 50 years, it was necessary to open the doors of its home and receive its customers personally. The experience involves the senses, reception and small surprises at every look.

We explore architectural elements that refer to the house, to the home, such as the scissors that float in space, the wooden staircase, the living areas that were strategically positioned, and the organic language of the finishes and furniture.

Everything intertwines and harmonizes in a unique space that is extremely permeable, fluid and welcoming. The space invites you to take a long break, which gives the customer the ideal time and feeling to deepen their relationship with the Brand.




Tati Gonçalves

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