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Plaza Shopping,


This shop translates
the first
Concept-Project developed
for the Brand


Cantão- Plaza Shopping

This store translates the first Concept-Project developed for the Brand. With 73.5 m² of store area plus 36 m² of inventory, the space presents all the outstanding elements of the project. Macaws in delicate lines signaled by indirect floor lighting, the production panel, which receives the work in wool and silk ropes by the artist Ana Vaz. We have the furniture for shoe shop, which has round shelves fixed by a vertical stainless steel tube, the counter-cash placed inside a detached volumetry, the support furniture for the saleswomen that has a movement with the mismatch of the drawers and the Welcome table with a rack integrated. We also have the application of video image projection and the ''my corner'' area, which is also a seating area for reading and experiencing products and objects.




Tati Gonçalves

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