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Armação dos Búzios, Rio de Janeiro

Small space, a big challenge!


Cantão - Búzios

Small space, big challenge! In just 28m², we managed to compose all the elements for the qualified exhibition of products and have space for booths and services. We wanted to bring the seaside atmosphere of Búzios into the store. The result is a combination of our first Project Concept given an exclusive treatment. One of the highlights is the production panel that exposes the work of artist Ana Vaz applied to a set of panels or braided cloth with unique colors and textures! A beautiful art installation. 

To better compose the small space, we developed more delicate, compact furniture and opted for light finishes. On the façade, we created a wooden Venetian panel to protect the store from the afternoon sun and provide a warmer visual temperature inside.




Tati Gonçalves

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