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XP Investiments

A financial consultancy whose objective was to build a space that represented all the seriousness and competence they possess and dedicate to their clients. 


Arcani XP Investiments

I met one of Arcani's partners many years ago and it was a joy to be invited to be part of this project. Arcani is a financial consultancy connected to XP and aimed to build a space that represented all the seriousness and competence they have and dedicate to their clients.


I visited a few rooms with them until they found the perfect space at Américas Corporate. Before the intervention, the room looked like a labyrinth, with several small rooms without windows, a low ceiling and a very confusing circulation. Despite this, the space was permeated by a balcony and all facades were ventilated and illuminated. I saw a lot of potential there. 


I proposed to demolish everything and leave the whole space free and visually connected, they agreed! The solution was daring given the size of the intervention, but the result of the layout was in line with what they envisioned. 


The space is like a large rectangle and has the elevator block and access stairs on its axis. This configuration allowed us to divide the rectangle into two parts and have the reception as a connection point between them. Upon entering the space, we first have the reception and then, on one side, the operating rooms restricted to employees and, on the other side, the more social area, with meeting rooms and a lounge. We achieved a well-sectored layout that was visually integrated at the same time. This visual integration enhances the use of natural lighting and allows the user to understand the spaciousness of the room. 


One of the biggest challenges was organizing all the air conditioning, electrical and fire prevention system infrastructure to make the beautiful ribbed slab visible. For this, I was able to count on the expertise of my partner at @dezenovearquitetura who took care of ensuring this organization throughout the work process. Another detail that made me very happy was the result for the pillars. I idealized them round, before they were square, the solution was to use cardboard cylinders used as a form, when the cardboard was finally removed, the pillars were simply beautiful. The texture of the raw material has been taken over and is one of my favorite points. For the other materials, we chose darker wood with well-marked veins, black, light white, caramel leather, matte gold in small details and gray – this is a very sophisticated composition. 


Thank you team @arcaniinvestimentos for embarking on the ideas and for the trust. Developing the project for you was light and enriching. We overcome the challenges that arose with great respect and objectivity. I wish much success in this new cycle.




Tati Gonçalves

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