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In our first project for the brand, we brought details in boiseries and a warm and "creamy" color. We put a "rug" on hexagonal inserts at the entrance. This "rug" receives an embroidery that is a treat and welcomes the customers with um Hey framed by hearts.

The desire from the beginning was to create a welcoming, light environment with a touch of sophistication. Antix is a brand with charm, romantic, feminine and full of affection.

We created several delicate details in each of the furniture and corners, taking inspiration from products that always have a delicacy to be discovered, whether on a button or on one of the brand's beautiful prints. 

Welcome furniture was inspired by the turned legs of vintage tables and the designer's wonderful pendantsMatteo Thun. Next to the table, we have a totem with a mirror and a rack that presents pieces on a side display.
On the right we have a line of macaws and in the background a slatted panel with "half cane" rulers that forms the background for exhibited products.

Gold is present, proposed with the lightness of the matte finish, combined with Calacata Gold marble, with the creamy off-white color and in contrast with the vibrant shades of pink and green of the print behind the box. The beautiful print is characteristic of the brand and also appears in the dressing room area, but with a lighter background.

The dressing room area is a playful and welcoming space. Patterned walls, some in creamy pink, and spacious booths. Rounded mirrors with very special lighting. A corner full of charm.




Tati Gonçalves

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